Ponta Mamoli Beach Resort

Sometimes, the New Nordic Group likes to invest in something as small as a beach resort. Usually, we invest in large cities or small towns, but doing things a bit differently can get great results too. And there are no better resorts to invest in than those in Ponta Mamoli in the south of Mozambique.

Ponta Mamoli is about 2 hours from Maputo, quickly reached by the new highway and bridge over the Mapulo river. a 4 km wide pristine private beach, with a few luxury resorts tucked into the lush greenery quickly rising up the hills. Indian Ocean is clean and water crystal clear, beach is not only long, but also wide and if you like to chill in the shaddoes from the vegetation, you’ll have an easy time finding your spot. Beach allows for quiet water sports like kayaks, sup-boards and wind surfing. The closest village is Zitundo and the charming Ponto d’oro with a number of small rural restaurants, bars and stores. On your way to or from Maputo, you’ll drive through the Maputo game reserve, a popular place to enjoy animals in the wild, just around the corner. Ponto Mamoli is only reachable by 4x4 vehicles and the last 30 minutes can be bumpy. The old road from the Portuguese era is not not well maintained.

What is Ponta Mamoli?

Ponta Mamoli also goes by the name of White Pearl Resort. As its name suggests, it’s a luxury beach resort on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It’s administered by the Zitundo posto, which is a part of the Matutuíne district in the Maputo province. This is the southernmost district of the country that borders South Africa to the south, at the Kosi Bay border.

There are also regular flights to Maputo from Cape Town and Durban. However, if you plan on taking the car to Ponta Mamoli, you will need a 4x4 vehicle to get there.

Why Invest in a Beach Resort?

Yes, we agree that Ponta Mamoli isn’t a town. However, there is a very good reason to invest in it. First of all, nothing in southern Africa can beat the geographical position of Ponta Mamoli. It’s 1.2 miles of nothing but serene sand and the ocean winds. Moreover, the whole area is surrounded by coastal bush. In other words, Ponta Mamoli is a perfect getaway from it all.

But we’re not just talking about the fact that it’s a coastal site. It’s also very close to the South African border. Imagine what would happen if this area got a massive economic boost! Not only would the resort grow and expand, but local tourism jobs would create amazing revenue too; enough revenue, in fact, to build up the south of Matutuíne.

Investing in an area close to the border is important because a decent infrastructure will allow for more visitors. In other words, the area will get better roads than it has now. Better roads mean more customers who come from South Africa by car.

In addition, the whole province itself is administered by the capital. By means of logical and economic progression, we can build up Ponta Mamoli to the point where we can enrich other places, even major cities like the capital. And because tourism is lucrative, the Maputo government will want to work with us to make Ponta Mamoli great.

What to Do In Ponta Mamoli

As stated, Ponta Mamoli isn’t a town. It’s a small stretch of beach that belongs to a different town. But there are still plenty of things to do while you’re there.

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