Maputo City Project

Though Mozambique doesn’t have the glitzy appeal of Thailand, for example, its capital Maputo has plenty to offer and share with the world. With a population of over one million citizens and a favorable position — it’s located on the Maputo Bay — Maputo's culture, architecture, and nightlife will surely spark a desire in any investor out there.

Maputo is a diverse city and easy to get around. People trying to make a living out of selling handicraft in the roads to the very few tourists in town. The poor parts of the town are burstling with life and children, so many curious children, colors and impressions. A good place to reflect and this young country has a lot going.

The overall atmosphere of Maputo can dazzle even the most insecure investor. With a busy port and an easy accessible airport, this city has a lot of potential in terms of development. Additionally, the city’s strong manufacturing and service sectors are a crucial factor. These two sectors could be the future pillars of Maputo’s economy, even though right now, most revenue comes from the port.

Being by the water, it's a great spot for sailing, a locvely yacht club and a bit inland you'll also find the golf course awaiting you to tee out.

Culture, art, and sightseeing

National Art Museum
One of the best parts about Maputo is the artsy vibe you can experience even when you’re just walking down a street. Thus, it’s no wonder the first place you ought to visit is the National Art Museum. Famous for its collection of artwork by contemporary artists such as Alberto Chissano, art buffs will love going through the museum and absorbing the Mozambican culture.

Maputo Railway Station
Maputo’s railway station is a sight for sore eyes, voted the 3rd most beautiful railway station in world. Well there, it's like time stood still. The two steam engines at the entrance bare witness of a time that has passed. Your imagination together with the early 1900s construction will transport you back in time, without a ticket. The railway museum is something you shouldn't miss.

The Fortress
The Old Portuguese Fort has an atmosphere one hardly can ever forget. As one of the most famous landmarks of the city, it is a tourist attraction you shouldn’t miss out on, at least not if you’re interested in Mozambican culture. Once you enter the fortress, you’ll immediately notice the smell of the frangipani trees. Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to admire a vast collection of cannons, as well as art monuments and bronze statues of various heroes. Again, let your imagination take you back to the 1500s and defend the city!

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