Kigo Lake Victoria Resort


Kigo is located on the coast of Lake Victoria. It is one of many neighborhoods in Ssabagabo. If you want to go from Ssabagabo to Kampala, you’ll get there in about 45 minutes by car.

There’s a very good reason we want to invest in Kigo. First, it’s already a fast-growing area, which we will talk about in a little bit. Also, it has a spectacular position. Any Lake Victoria property will be great for tourists.

Finally, it’s growing in a safe, affluent municipality. Ssabagabo has a lot of luxury hotels, villas, shops, malls, and other facilities. What’s more, you can reach other coastal towns quickly by boat or car.

What Does Kigo Have to Offer?

If you look at Kigo on a map, you might not think much of it. It looks like a village on the coast of a huge lake. You might even be tempted to invest in other cities in Uganda that have access to Lake Victoria. However, Kigo already has a few things it can offer to both investors and tourists.

18 holes golf course, one of the greenest greens around - just 5 minutes away. 20 minutes to the airport and 15 minutes to the other New Nordic project, Hotel Terra in Entebbe.

Last but not least, the Kigo prison sits south of Mirembe Villas. It’s meant to hold 400 inmates and to be relocated in the near future.

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