Building on a decade of experience from emerging markets, Oroma has developed a reliable growth strategy by continuously expanding a well-diversified hotel portfolio in high growth segments and destinations for over a decade. By offering turnkey and hassle-free investments with consistent and durable returns, you can generate a sustainable passive income without worries.

Oroma is an expert in its field and has already catered to thousands of satisfied investors worldwide. Local expertise with combined knowledge of the hospitality industry has proven its way to success. Oroma takes care of your investment as part of their promise.

Real assets

Your investment is secured, not only by real estate – but by beautiful hotels in tropical and fast-growing destinations across the Africa.

Branded hotels

Our hotels are managed by our hospitality professionals or in partnership with branded hotels which reflects in good quality and high returns.

Hassle free

You will never have to worry about local regulations, curtains, cleaning and rentals. We take care of the whole process so you can focus on enjoying the returns.

Customer support

Our investment consultants are easily available for any questions or inquiries you may have regarding your investment.


Oroma has been specializing in handsfree turnkey investments for over a decade. The foundation of our model is to combine two of the fastest growing industries in the world: real estate and hospitality. The real estate backing ensures that your investment is secured by brick and mortar, whilst our operational model ensures that you can enjoy regular returns whilst a professional hospitality team operates the resort to a high level of standard with good profit margins.

Oroma is dedicated to growth markets in tropical destinations, always looking for new opportunities and areas with great potential for the future. This has allowed us to secure beach-front locations on white sandy beaches, projects in special economic zones and hotels close to fast growing cities.

When you invest with us you will get part of the property, equivalent to your investment, as security. Our team of professionals will develop the property, before we partner with a branded hotel manager to operate the project to set standards. Throughout the whole process you will be able to receive regular returns from the operational profit made in the hotel.

After the hotel has been operated for the term specified in the investment conditions, you will further be offered a repurchase on your investment.

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Investment example

Return: 8% per year
Term: 5 years, with the option to renew
Repurchase warranty

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With us, your investment is secured by our landbanks, developments and operational hotels across sub-Saharan Africa, meaning that you always will have a hard, tangible asset protecting you. In the same, we feel that investing should be fun and go out of the way to find and develop projects that our investors will be proud to take part in.

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Hotel Terra, interior rendering
Fishermen on the beach at Lake Malawi, Malo Resort
The Mist, Safari in Zimbabwe
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Starting a new investment journey can be daunting, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. At Oroma we take pride in making the investment process as simple and smooth as possible, ensuring that you have all information and insight available to make you feel comfortable in joining our network of investors.

Book an investment consultation

Your investment starts with having a conversation with our investment team or with one of our partner agencies. Here we identify what investment and options we have best suited your needs.

Schedule a contract meeting

Our investment team will schedule a meeting where we go through the terms and conditions of the agreement. If required, we will also agree on a payment plan suited your needs.

Start to receive your returns

Once you decide to join our investor’s network, your investment returns will commence. You will receive a monthly summary of your account which gives you a full overview of your investment.

Join the orange community

Join our Orange Community of like-minded investors. You will also receive monthly updates with investment opportunities in up and coming areas and information about our projects.

Oroma Paradise, Koh Samui


Our investors’ feedback matter to us. Here is a summary of some of the feedback from our clients.

The best thing about this product is that you do not need to care about your investment. It is purely a passive income.
- Michal Obeda

We visited Oroma properties in Thailand, and the team showed us around. We appreciated the hospitality. They were very transparent, which is quite refreshing in this industry.
- Daniel Abela

The communication with the company is quick and efficient, and you have a good behavior when it comes to customer relations.
- Pierre Fumat

More than just an investment

Oroma’s culture is based on its core values of taking care of all stakeholders, including our community and the environment.

When you invest with us, your investment package is only the beginning. We believe that the future of investing is to not only create sustainable incomes, but also about working together to build up our communities and work for a better world for our future generations. You will become a part of our different CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility) where you are able to make an impact.

As our investor, you also become a part of our Orange Community of likeminded investors who, just like you, are seeking opportunities across the world.

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Investing your money is a serious matter. What is a “disposable budget” for one client is the life savings for another. Whatever budget available, you will seek for security, reliability and a comfortable state-of-mind in whichever direction you decide to invest. With Oroma you will find yourself in capable hands dealing with your inquiry.

If you are interested to learn more, why don’t you schedule to meet one of the Oroma consultants or your agency of choice? Just informative – no obligations. Guided step by step you will receive all relevant information of what investment suits you best.

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